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  • 型号:   LMUV2019-Ⅲ-F
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常规参数Normal parameter


Heating mode: hot water, thermal oil, steam, electric heating, such as maximum weight: 20 kg / , or less machining width: 10-1250mm, thickness processing: 5-80mm, processing length: 200-4000mm, processing speed: 0 -8.0 m/min, the maximum bending products: 80 mm or less, air consumption: after 1.5 m³/h, equipment total power: 99.0-110.0 KWh (including electric heating part).


Suitable for solid wood furniture, solid wood doors and frames, board furniture, cabinet doors and frames, bathroom cabinets, decorative boards, calcium silicate boards and other board workpiece surface and side, for the oil UV paint for continuous automatic spray paint, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce paint loss, save costs.

标准配置Standard configuration输送方式采用六层PVC3.0t皮带输送,机器配置过载保护功能;机架及流平防尘罩采用Q235-2.5t数控剪折加工制作,表面烤粉处理;加热方式采用电热循环风加热,塔体侧部预留检修门。

The conveying mode is six-layer PVC 3.0T belt conveying, and the machine is equipped with overload protection functionThe rack and dust shield are made by Q235-2.5t CNC shearing and folding, and the surface is processed by powder spraying;The heating mode is electric-thermal circulating air heating, with maintenance doors reserved at the side of the tower body.